Unique Individuals

Ziv Medical Center held a "Get to Know You" encounter and recruitment of volunteers for the "Segula Unit", a project of the Ministry for Social Equality in cooperation with the Social Service in Ziv.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Anan Abbasi, Deputy Director of the Ziv; Ms. Rivka Marom, Head of the Segula Unit in Ziv; social workers; senior care professionals; senior citizen residents of the Upper Galilee.

Ms. Zahara Cohen, Director of Health at the Office for Social Equality, presented the "Segula" project, which aims to aid senior citizens who have been hospitalized for medical treatment and their families to exercise their rights and elaborated on the basket of rights to which the senior citizen is entitled. The project operates with trained volunteers, under the direction of Ms. Rivka Marom.

Mr. Yaniv Ben Shushan, (M.S.W.) Head of Social Services at Ziv, emphasized the importance of culturally sensitive services in light of the diverse and multicultural fabric of the region's population and noted the need for foreign language-speaking volunteers, specifically Arabic and Russian, in order to provide an appropriate response to all the communities, "The volunteers provide added value, in a meeting between people, and they themselves feel a sense of satisfaction from the very act of volunteering,” said Ben Shushan.

The participants listened to a fascinating and thought-provoking lecture titled "The volunteer is not to be taken for granted" by Yuri Hirschfeld, Director of Public Administration and Volunteer Leadership at the Israel Association of Community Centers.

More than 600 senior citizens are hospitalized monthly at Ziv Medical Center. The "Segula" volunteers visit them in the various departments, give personal and supportive attention to them and their relatives, explain their rights and, if necessary, refer them to the relevant authorities, for example, the National Insurance Institute. The role of the volunteers is to relieve the anxiety and confusion that often accompany the bureaucracy involved in realizing their rights. The volunteers undergo professional training and guidance at Ziv. Among the subjects of interest to the adult population as a result of hospitalization: options for receiving a long-term care benefit, the right to rehabilitation, clarification of benefits and rights for Holocaust survivors, the rights of caregivers and more.