Cardiology Conference

Ziv Medical Center held a conference initiated by Dr. Hatib Ihab, a senior cardiologist at Ziv, for family physicians from all Health Clinics throughout the Galilee and the Golan Heights.

The aim of the conference was to share with these community physicians information regarding all the services provided by Ziv's Cardiology Department.

Dr. Anan Abbasi, Ziv's Deputy Director praised the regional cooperation which assists in promoting health in the north and expressed his hope that this would be the beginning of an ongoing tradition, in which each year the latest innovations in the field will be presented. Dr. Abbasi stated that "such cooperation places the patient at the center and at the top of the list of priorities, in order to preserve the therapeutic continuum in a way that is most beneficial to his/her health and needs".

Dr. Majdi Halabi, Head of Ziv's Cardiology Department and chair of the conference, said that the relationship between the doctors of the cardiology department and the doctors in the community is very important for the patients' health."Every year the guidelines and therapeutic trends are updated in the field of cardiology and it is important to share the information and deepen the communication between physicians as a guarantee for improved treatment and efficiency."
At the conclusion of the conference, the community physicians commended the efficient organization and the quality of the lectures given by the department's physicians and expressed hope for the continuation of the project.