Women's Empowerment

Genesis Prize Foundation grant enables Ziv Medical Center to open two Women's Empowerment and Leadership Programs

Nineteen doctors, nurses and administrative staff from Ziv Medical Center recently completed the first course of an empowerment and leadership program for women.

The participants were selected from among dozens of Ziv female employees who applied for the program which is a unique initiative of Ziv Medical Center, supported by The Genesis Prize Foundation and the generous donor Mr. Morris Kahn. "We are pleased to be partners in another project of the Ziv Hospital, which promotes and assists diverse populations from Israel and abroad," noted Ms. Dafna Jackson, CEO of the Kahn Foundation.

The project which opened in January and ended in June 2019 aspires to form a women's excellence group to advance the presence and influence of women on the strategic processes at Ziv Medical Center. The goal of the program is to promote and empower women in line with Ziv's vision and social responsibility as a strategic and significant medical center in both routine and emergency situations.

The varied content of the 10 meetings was designed to motivate the participants and develop their skills to take on leadership roles in significant processes and promote future projects. Among the topics presented during the program: goal definition, planning, implementation, lessons learnt, risk management, interface communication, media, influencing tactics, managerial assertiveness, time management, problem solving, empowerment, developing a personal vision and more. At the conclusion of the course, the participants were awarded certificates from Ziv's management.

The program strives to create a common language in approaching the core challenges of Ziv Medical Center and to develop managerial and leadership abilities among the participants, thereby creating a multi-sectorial intra-organizational leadership network which will generate significant changes in the Center and further its values of excellence. Upon completion of the program, the participants are expected to promote and enlist additional women from their departments to implement and fulfill Ziv's goals and vision of offering advanced health care services to the diverse mosaic of the residents of northern Israel.

During the closing session of the course, Dr. Salman Zarka, Director of Ziv Medical Center stated that "the hospital management regards personal and organizational development as an important goal for the coming years, including the cultivation of the next generation of staff at Ziv, for the benefit of the northern community".

Following the success of the first course, the second Women's Empowerment and Leadership Program is planned for September 2019 with the generous help of the Genesis Prize Foundation and the Kahn Foundation.