Latvian Ambassador Visits Ziv

A new and exciting project initiated by Prof. Alexander Lerner, Director of Ziv's Orthopedic Department and an external consultant for the Riga University in Latvia, invited Israeli medical students studying in the Riga University to participate in a comprehensive orthopedics course at Ziv Medical Center.

This collaboration began following Prof. Lerner’s visit and lecture held at the Riga University's affiliated Red Cross College for civilian trauma physicians for military physicians of the Latvian armed services and medical students, on treatments and surgical procedures for complex war wounds and a visit of two Professors from the Orthopedic Department at the Riga University to Ziv. Prof. Lerner is an internationally acclaimed specialist in the treatment of complex war injuries, whose invaluable experience served hundreds of patients during the five-year “good neighbor” project, in which Israeli hospitals provided life-saving medical treatment to civilian Syrian casualties injured in the Syrian civil war.   This international collaboration includes an agreement between the Riga University's Faculty of Medicine, the Bar- Ilan Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in safed and Ziv Medical Center.

Latvian Ambassador to Israel, Ms. Elita Gabela visited Ziv, spoke with staff and students, and heard many positive impressions about this collaboration. Dr. Zarka, Director of Ziv Medical Cente thanked the Ambassador for her visit to Ziv and the city of Safed providing an opportunity talk about continuing joint work between the Republic of Latvia, Ziv Medical Center, the Faculty of Medicine and the city of Safed. Ms. Gabela acknowledged and thanked him for the invitation and the opportunity to hear feedback from the students about their studies in Riga. “This is a first-time experience and thanks to Prof. Lerner and his wonderful relations with Latvia, I am pleased to know that this project will continue".

The Ambassador's visit, which began with a tour of the Old city of Safed, a meeting with the students and concluding with a festive dinner,  with additional guests including Mr. Benny Ben-Muvhar, Head of the Regional Council Mevo'ot Hermon; Prof. Karl Skorecki,  Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Safed; Dr. Abbasi, Deputy Director of Ziv; Prof. Shinwell, Director of Ziv's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; management staff and, of course, Dr. Zarka and Prof. Lerner.