Glaucoma and Eye Surgery

The Glaucoma Clinic at the Ziv Medical Center is expanding its services and has recruited Dr. Olga Zurinam, whose expertise is glaucoma and eye surgery, for the Ophthalmology Department

Ranking High in Safety

Ziv Medical Center was ranked first among government hospitals in safety and risk management and fourth place among all 28 Israeli Medical Centers.

Ambassadors of Hope

Dr. Alejandro Roisentul received a prestigious international award in Madrid for humanitarian assistance to the wounded from the civil war in Syria.

Annual Nursing Research Conference

The Annual Nursing Research Conference held at Ziv Medical Center, organized by the Nursing Administration headed by Mr. Arie Bitan, was very successful.

Inaugurating the PET CT Institute

During the festive opening of the PET CT Institute, Deputy Health Minister Yaacov Litzman stated that the advancement of the health services in the periphery is of top priority to the Ministry of Health

Remarkable Story

Ms. Britgit Gabriel, an international journalist and authoress, born in Lebanon and living in the USA, brought tears to all who listened to her fascinating story.

Research Day

A number of studies currently being conducted at Ziv were presented at the first Research Day held at Ziv

NFL Football Players at Ziv!

Following the final of the Super Bowl 2018 - the American football championship, broadcast to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world, 7 players from the National Football League (NFL) arrived to visit children and their families in the Beit Ida Child Health Center at Ziv.

Assessing Lung Diseases

A new and advanced device in use at the Pulmonary Clinic – the Ultima Series

Mr. Ala Elias and his mission in Africa

Mr. Ala Elias, a Medical Engineer at Ziv, was sent to Sierra Leone, Africa to establish a dialysis institute and to train the local technical staff

Advanced Digital Resuscitation Models for Medical Simulation

Sophisticated digital CPR models are now being used in pediatric ER to simulate basic and advanced resuscitation.

President Rivlin Hosted a Delegation from Ziv Medical Center

The President of Israel, Mr. Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, recently hosted members of Ziv Medical Center's staff, including Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Salmon Zarka, Director General, doctors, nurses, social workers and administrative managers.

Visiting Ziv

Senior advisors of the US Congress recently visited Ziv Medical Center, through the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Visiting from China

The opposite end of the world has never been closer. Chinese military personnel in full military attire arrived on an official visit accompanied by the Chief Medical Officer and the IDF spokesperson.
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