Tablets for Hospitalized Children

The Kaminer family, with branches in Israel and the US, recently donated 14 computer tablets to Ziv Medical Center, in memory of Nahum Kaminer, on the 22nd anniversary of his passing away.

Bidding Farewell to Prof. Oscar Embon

After 21 years as Director of Ziv Medical Center, Prof. Oscar Embon leaves Ziv Medical Center satisfied that much has been accomplished during these years.

Congratulations to Dr. Aviva Ron

Dr. Aviva Ron, a volunteer consultant at Ziv, is a 2014 recipient of the Global Achievement Award from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA.

Researching Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Sub-Types


Physicians and a researcher from Ziv's Neurology Department presented their research findings on PTSD sub-classification at an international conference in the USA.

AIPAC-AIEF Rabbi Mission Visits Ziv

A mission of community Rabbis from the USA, coordinated by AIPAC-AIEF visited Ziv to learn about the hospital's humanitarian treatment of Syrian casualties.

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Ziv's Attention Deficit Clinic is introducing a user friendly computerized test to identify and diagnose difficulties relating to attention and hyperactivity.

Urogynecologic Conference is Crowned a Success

Leading physicians in the field of Pelvic Floor and Laparoscopic Surgery participated in the 4th Urogynecologic Conference held at the Ziv Medical Center.

Combined Coronary and Subclavian Artery Catheterization

A combined catheterization procedure of occluded coronary (heart) and stenotic subclavian (upper chest) arteries, to the reperfusion of the heart, was successfully performed at Ziv Medical Center.

Sydney Choir Visits Ziv

Patients at Ziv were delighted by the performance of 10 members of the North Shore Temple Emanuel choir who sang a number of songs of prayer and healing, including the well known peace song Salaam/Shalom.

Rabbi Shalom: Love of the Other is the Essential Component of Jewish-Christian Dialogue

“This mission is one of the reflections of Pope Francis’ spirit when coming to the Holy Land next week; how religions can work together to repair a broken world"

Toddler Undergoes Surgery

A seven week-old baby undergoes surgery to remove a malignant growth at the Ziv Medical Center

A Diploma in Devotion

The challenge Syrian casualties face when they come to Israel are threefold: their injury, the loss of loved ones and the enemy who has become the care giver.

Technologies and Innovations in Clinical Biochemistry

Dozens of leading experts from Israel and abroad participated in an international conference on the topic "Technologies and Innovations in Clinical Biochemistry"

Supporting Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Ziv Medical Center offers group support meetings to patients with multiple sclerosis

Arthroscopy of the Shoulder

For the first time in northern Israel, surgeons at Ziv performed arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder by inserting a biodegradable orthopedic balloon.