Medical Tourism

The Ziv Academic Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services available also to foreign citizens.

Two hours away from the big cities, located on the beautiful hills of the city of Zefat, local and foreign citizens can enjoy high quality medical consultations and treatments offered by world renown, experienced physicians, using the most advanced technology and equipment.

The Ziv Academic Medical Center offers medical care tailored to a diverse population of patients, in a variety of medical situations, including complicated operations, ambulatory services and professional assessments.

If you are a foreign citizen and you are seeking medical care, we will provide you with a professional assessment and recommendation for the most appropriate treatment, with an estimate of the total cost of the medical procedure and hospitalization fees. We will assist you with visa, transportation and accommodation arrangements, escort you as required, providing translation as far as possible and help you with any problem and question that may arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact me:

Telephone: 972-4-6828212; 972-4-6828806; 972-54-7509161
Fax: 972-4- 6828802