Ziv Medical Center

Established in Zefat in 1910 and repositioned in its current location in 1973, the Ziv Medical Center (formerly known as the Rebecca Sieff Hospital), a general hospital in the north of Israel, serves the 250,000 residents of the Upper Galilee and northern Golan Heights, IDF and UN soldiers stationed in the area and hundreds of local and foreign tourists to the region.

 Ziv’s patients come from towns and agricultural settlements and include Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze, as also reflected in the hosputal's multiethnic medical staff.

With the opening of the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee affiliated to the Bar-Ilan University in Zefat in 2011, Ziv Medical Center has the added task and privilege of providing a teaching and clinical base for the Faculty’s medical students.

Ziv’s unique physical location in northern Israel, an aerial distance of approximately 11 km from the Lebanese border in the north and 30 km from the Syrian border on its east, makes the hospital extremely vulnerable to conventional and non-conventional attacks, as experienced during the Second Lebanese War in 2006, when Ziv sustained a number of direct missile hits. The hospital is required to be fully prepared to cope with emergency scenarios at all times.

Humanitarian Aid

Ziv has one of the most advanced trauma units in the country. Over the years, thousands of Israeli citizens, IDF soldiers, residents of southern Lebanon, U.N. peacekeepers and for the past years - Syrian casualties, severely wounded during the civil war raging in Syria, have been treated in Ziv's Trauma Unit and hospitalization departments.

Ziv in the Community

In addition to its main campuses, Ziv operates in four external clinics, reaching out to communities in the region, offering a variety of local services to child, adolescent and adult psychiatric patients.

Facts, Figures and Annual Activities

Staff – 1550
Medical departments – 47
Hospital beds – 331 including 22 Intensive Care beds;
Operating theaters – 7
Hospitalization days – 90,000
Visits to out-patient clinics- 220,000
Operations – 7,600
Births – 3,500
Emergency roomvisits – 77,000