Friends of Ziv Medical Center, Inc. (USA)

Ziv Medical Center opened its first ever Friends organization abroad, based in Miami, in 2014.

The initiator and driving force behind the establishment of the Friends organization were Dr. Raul Rosenthal and his wife Sime, who together with Prof. Oscar Embon, former director of Ziv Medical Center, recognized Ziv's need for friends outside of Israel who would assist with Ziv's fund raising endeavors in order to expand the services offered to the residents of the Upper Galilee and Northern Golan Heights.

Dr. Rosenthal was a guest surgeon at Ziv Medical Center and subsequently operated at Ziv a number of times, giving him an opportunity to become acquainted with the hospital and many of its physicians.

Dr. Rosenthal's vision was that the members of the USA Friends organization would be able to assist Ziv in raising funds for its many admirable projects. He saw no reason that Ziv should not be as attractive to donors as are the hospitals in the center of the country. "More so" said Rosenthal "especially since Ziv is a peripheral hospital and needs to work much harder in order to provide services which are taken for granted in hospitals in the larger cities. There is absolutely no sense in oncology patients travelling from the Golan to Haifa for a five-minute radiology course, daily for five-six weeks. We are going to do our utmost best to help Ziv's administration to reduce the gaps and quality and quantity of services they provide to the heterogeneous members of their catchment area, including Jews, Arabs, Druze, IDF and UN soldiers and large numbers of tourists".

In January 2016, Rabbi Moshe Pitchon was elected as President of the Friends of Ziv Medical Center.

The Friends of Ziv Medical Center is a registered US 501 (c) (3) Public Charity, Registration no. 47-1194731. Donations may be sent by check, direct bank transfers and via the hospital's web-site.
For donations please contact:

Mr. Moshe Pitchon , Secretary of the Board, Miami, Florida, USA: