Ziv Medical Center's Vision

Ziv Medical Center's Vision
To be a leading and outstanding academic medical center, providing advanced, quality medical care
to all residents of Northern Israel seeking its services.

Professionalism and Excellence
The patients will receive advanced professional health care, founded on a culture of learning, research and academia, using advanced technologies in all its departments.

The Patient's Experience
Ziv Medical Center strives to promote health and provide an example and a role model for the services patients and their families receive. Compassion, care, humility and a respectful personal interaction between our staff and the patient provide the moral base for all professional activities to which we are committed.

Health in the Community
Ziv Medical Center endeavors to advance the health care available to all communities in its region, with their wide variety of cultures, languages and expectations. We work in full cooperation with the local leaders, the Faculty of Medicine, academic colleges and local health organizations, with the aim of reducing inequities and creating equality in health services.

Ziv Family
Ziv Medical Center features a family environment focusing on the basic principles of love of humankind and mutual respect. The family climate encourages a healthy life style among the staff and patients.
Our staff works in full cooperation and harmony, with a feeling of pride and attachment to Ziv Medical Center.