The Genetic Institute at the Ziv Medical Centre provides a wide variety of reliable and innovative services for genetic diagnosis, including counseling for clarification of diagnosis results and support for individuals and couples.
The services include:
• Genetic diagnosis, counseling and conducting tests to identify hereditary diseases, for children and adults.
• Counseling for families and individuals prior to marriage and parenting.
• Examinations and counseling for all types of cancers in the family.
• Testing of carriers of common diseases in the general population or in specific ethnic groups.
• Pre-natal diagnosis: testing amniotic fluid and placenta CVS.
• Screening blood tests for pregnant women, monitoring for high-risk pregnancies for Down Syndrome and others - in the first and second term of pregnancy.

Medical Genetic Clinics 
The clinics are for children and adults who require diagnosis of a syndrome or genetic disease. The clinic provides:
• A doctor's examination to diagnose genetic diseases.
• Laboratory tests to diagnosis genetic diseases in patients and their families, following a doctor's recommendation.
• Patient supervision and consultation for them and their families.

Genetic Counseling Clinics 
The purpose of the genetic counseling is:
• Evaluation of the risk for genetic diseases and congenital defects.
• Referral to appropriate tests, following the evaluation of risks.
Counseling is given in preparation for and during pregnancy to the following couples:
• Couples who are interested in pre-natal tests.
• Couples in whose families there are diseases which are known to be hereditary.
• Couples who have experienced a pregnancy with a child who was born or diagnosed with a congenital defect or hereditary disease.
• Couples who are referred because of irregular results of tests such as biochemical findings in the mother's blood or in the ultra-sound examination.
• Couples who were referred for an amniotic fluid test or examination of placenta CVS.
*It is possible to ask for genetic counseling following a doctor's referral or independently.

Onco-Genetic Clinic 
The clinic is designed for people who have a malignant disease or have a family member with such a disease. The purpose of the counseling is:
• Evaluation of the risk of developing malignancies given their family history.
• Provide information about existing carrier tests and their suitability to the individual (e.g. BRCA).
• Clarify the results of carrier tests and explanation of their meaning to the individual and his/her family.
• Provide a recommendation for continued follow-up, recommendation of tests for early discovery of growths and various preventative possibilities.

Laboratory Tests
Within the framework of the pre-natal diagnosis service, it is possible to conduct carrier tests for genetic diseases, placenta CVS tests and amniotic fluid tests.
Within the onco-genetic services it is possible to conduct blood tests to examine carrier risks of certain malignant diseases, following a doctor's recommendation.
*The tests are performed following genetic counseling in the Genetic Institute or are sent to outside laboratories where appropriate.
Carrier Tests
The carrier tests enable identification of couples who are at risk of giving birth to a child with a genetic disease, and pre-natal diagnosis of the disease. The tests are offered following genetic counseling, according to the ethnic origin of the couple. Additional tests are offered in cases where there is a known heredity disease in the family.
*The list of tests is not a substitute for individual genetic counseling.
Amniotic Fluid and Placenta Chorionic Villous Sampling CVS Tests
Pregnant women whose fetus is at a high risk of suffering from a chromosomal problem or a hereditary disease are referred to these tests, following genetic counseling. The couple may choose to undergo these tests without a medical referral (self-paid).
The placental CVS test is usually conducted in the 11th week of pregnancy.
The amniotic fluid test is recommended during 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, but it is possible to conduct this test at a later date.

Additional Laboratory Tests
Additional tests are conducted during clarification regarding lack of fertility, diagnosis of sub-categories of malignancy and diagnosis of familial tendency to malignant diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer.

Operating Hours 
Sunday – Thursday, 08.00 -15.00

For additional information and to make an appointment:
Institute office: 04-6828345, fax: 04-6928159
Clinic office: 04-6828091, fax: 04-6923753