Facts and Figures

Target Population

The Ziv Medical Center serves a population of approximately 300,000 people from the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, Israeli and UN soldiers serving in the northern region and the many visitors to the area.



  Hospital and Clinic Services 


  Medical Departments, Units and Institutes 


  Hospital Beds 


  Annual Hospitalization Days 

  Approximately 90,000 

  Average Occupancy 

  Approximately 90% 

  Operating Theaters 


  Intensive Care Positions


  Annual Day-Hospitalization Days  

  Approximately 14,000 

  Annual Visits to the Out-Patient Clinics 

  Approximately 220,000 

  Medical Activity 


  Annual Number of Operations 

  Approximately 7,600 

  Annual Number of Births 

  Approximately 3,600  

  Annual Emergency Room Visits  

  Approximately 77,000