Ziv Medical Center

Child Head Injuries

Alarming data regarding the increase of head injuries among children was recently presented at a seminar held at Ziv Medical Center on the topic of Pediatric Neurology.

Women's Empowerment

Genesis Prize Foundation grant enables Ziv Medical Center to open two Women's Empowerment and Leadership Programs

Palliative Care – A Joint Challenge?

Ziv Medical Center hosted a conference on the subject of end of life treatment entitled "Palliative Care - a Joint Challenge?"

Mental Health Clinic Opens in Katzrin

A festive ceremony marked the opening of the new extension of Ziv Hospital's Child and Adolescent Psychiatric services, housed in the Katzrin social services building.

Reconstruction of Femoral Tendon

Reconstruction surgery of the femoral tendon using a donor's Achilles tendon was successfully performed for the first time in Israel at the Ziv Medical Center.

Top Israeli Physicians

The prestigious publication “Forbes” has listed 3 senior physicians from Ziv on their list of top Israeli physicians.