Ziv Medical Center

Latvian Ambassador Visits Ziv

A new and exciting project initiated by Prof. Alexander Lerner, Director of Ziv's Orthopedic Department and an external consultant for the Riga University in Latvia, invited Israeli medical students studying in the Riga University to participate in a comprehensive orthopedics course at Ziv Medical Center.

The 5th National Modern Pharmacology Conference

Ziv Medical Center recently hosted the 5th National Modern Pharmacology Conference (September 19-21), attended by hundreds of hospital pharmacy system directors as well as doctors and pharmacists from across the country.

Advanced Knee Surgery

For the first time at Ziv Medical Center, replacement surgery of the external section of the knee has been performed

Winning a Royal Title

Prof. Eric Shinwell is the first Israeli in the field of neonatology - premature and neonatal medicine, and the sixth Israeli in general, to receive the honorable title of Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

Child Head Injuries

Alarming data regarding the increase of head injuries among children was recently presented at a seminar held at Ziv Medical Center on the topic of Pediatric Neurology.

Women's Empowerment

Genesis Prize Foundation grant enables Ziv Medical Center to open two Women's Empowerment and Leadership Programs