Ziv Medical Center

MRI Diagnosis of Five-Day-Old Baby

Ziv's newly installed MRI was successfully used to identify an 8.5 cm tumor in a 5 day-old baby. Two days after birth, the medical team found a suspicious protrusion in the baby's pelvis and she was hospitalized in the Neonatal Department for observation and treatment.

Pharmacological Innovations and Trends

A nation-wide conference for pharmacists, organized by Ziv Medical Center's Pharmacological Services, was held for the first time in northern Israel.

Senator Fischer Visits Ziv Medical Center

Senator Deb Fischer and her husband Bruce visited Ziv Medical Center where they met with Dr. Salman Zarka, Director General of Ziv Medical Center.

3D Echocardiography

A new 3D echocardiography machine has been added to the advanced services offered at Ziv Medical Center.