Ziv Medical Center

Advanced Chemotherapy Treatment

Ziv Medical Center has recently begun offering an advanced chemotherapy treatment using Synergo technology to inject heated Mitomycin C directly into the bladder wall. The aim is to prevent the reoccurrence of bladder cancer in men. The cost of this treatment is fully covered by the Health Ministry’s healthcare basket of services.

The first Galilee conference of “Autism Israel” at Ziv Medical Center

From Beit Jala to Zefat: Palestinian representation at first Galilee conference of “Autism Israel” held at Ziv Medical Center, Zefat in conjunction with the Bar Ilan University's Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee.

Diabetes Detection Saves Lives

In recent weeks, three adolescents from the Upper Galilee were hospitalized in critical condition due to extreme Metabolic Acidosis.

Knesset Committee on Social Equality

Dr. Ran Katz, Director of the Urology Department at Ziv Medical Center was invited to speak at the Knesset Special Committee for Distributive Justice and Social Equality, chaired by MK Miki Zohar. The subject of the committee's discussion was provision of incentives to doctors to move from the center of the country to the periphery.

Ziv Medical Center is raising funds for casualties of the Syrian civil war

Ziv Medical Center which has treated over 700 casualties from the civil war raging in Syria, including women and children, is currently raising funds for the Syrians, for their treatment and their return to Syria.

Israeli hospital director speaks about aid to Syrians

dr. Salman Zarka, director of Ziv Medical Center, spoke recently to audiences in South Florida about the medical assistance given by ZMC for Syrians injured in the Syrian Civil War since 2011.