Ziv Medical Center

Remembering Eyal Yifrah

A year after Eyal Yifrah was murdered, his parents Iris and Uri and their extended families visited Ziv Medical Center in order to bring a smile to the patients hospitalized in Ziv's Pediatric and Orthopedic Departments.

Cochlear Implant

For the first time at the Ziv Medical Center surgery was performed to carry out a cochlear implant in the inner ear.

Sister City Ludwigsburg

Dr. Salman Zarka, Director General of Ziv Medical Center, was guests of honor at a ceremony in which an agreement of cooperation was signed between Ludwigsburg-Bietigheim Clinics GmbH and Ziv Medical Center.

3D Echocardiography

A new 3D echocardiography machine has been added to the advanced services offered at Ziv Medical Center.