Ziv Medical Center

Urogynecologic Conference is Crowned a Success

Leading physicians in the field of Pelvic Floor and Laparoscopic Surgery participated in the 4th Urogynecologic Conference held at the Ziv Medical Center.

Combined Coronary and Subclavian Artery Catheterization

A combined catheterization procedure of occluded coronary (heart) and stenotic subclavian (upper chest) arteries, to the reperfusion of the heart, was successfully performed at Ziv Medical Center.

Sydney Choir Visits Ziv

Patients at Ziv were delighted by the performance of 10 members of the North Shore Temple Emanuel choir who sang a number of songs of prayer and healing, including the well known peace song Salaam/Shalom.

Rabbi Shalom: Love of the Other is the Essential Component of Jewish-Christian Dialogue

“This mission is one of the reflections of Pope Francis’ spirit when coming to the Holy Land next week; how religions can work together to repair a broken world"