Message From the Director

Dear Friends,

For the past hundred years, Ziv Medical Center has provided medical services to the residents of northern Israel, as well as to local and foreign tourists, IDF and UN soldiers serving in the region. In recent years, Ziv has also provided lifesaving humanitarian treatment to casualties of the civil war raging in Syria. The hospital was established in 1910 with the aim of providing treatment to the Jews of Zefat, the city of Kabala. Since then, the center has constantly worked towards improving the health of all the residents of the north, a population comprising a wide mosaic of cultural and religious backgrounds. The staff of Ziv Medical Center reflects this unique social fabric, thereby creating a varied family with one common aim – providing the best possible medical services to one and all within our geographical area.

The staff of Ziv Medical Center is dedicated to advancing the health of residents of the region, providing their best efforts, both within the walls of the hospital and in the wider community, in close cooperation with local leaders and other health institutions in the region.
Ziv Medical Center provides medical service of the highest standard, with the belief that the northern population of the country deserves to receive high quality medical services close to home.
In recent years, our Center has expanded its infrastructure offering new advanced medical care including imaging, surgery, urology, gastroenterology and more. We are taking giant steps to place Ziv as the foremost northern center for the diagnosis and treatment of  oncology patients alongside hospitalization and all other required services.

Side by side with the introduction of new services, we are working energetically to advance the field of clinical and academic research with the conviction that modern health care requires that we search for every possible avenue to improve the treatment offered to patients. We are committed to the development and nurture of future generations, instructing students, residents and specialists with synergetic cooperation with academic institutions in the region, including Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Medicine in Zefat and other academic colleges and research institutes. 

Peace in our region may be late in arriving but until such time, we are obligated to be well prepared for all emergency scenarios, enabling us to provide suitable medical responses to the residents and soldiers of the region.

This is a short introduction to our unique way of life in the mystical city of Zefat, located in one of the most beautiful regions in northern Israel. We continue in our aspirations to expand and deepen our professional and moral mission, looking to the future and to the next generation of medical and health professionals.

With best wishes for good health,

Dr. Salman Zarka
Director, Ziv Medical Center  (colonel reserves )