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Marcelo Ditzman, MD

Irina Reznik 
Deputy Director



Osnat Heyman - Reiss, MD, Director Breast Imaging Institue
Saher Srour, MD, Director of MRI Unit
Ariel Prover, MD, Senior physician
Alexander Chipis, MD, Senior physician
Natalia Gilbchtein, MD,Senior physician
Alex Altshuler, MD, Head of Angiography Unit 
Ghanem Huri, Head radiographer
Iris Dahan, Vice head radiographer
Khatib Marzik, Head of CT
Vicki Dahan, Radiographer, Head of ultrasound
Mahmoud Fares, Fax
Mohamed Diab, Coordinator MRI Unit
Merav Benbenisti Danino, Coordinator Mamography Unit
Adrian Mondrik, Head of Angiography
Achsan Ghosh, Head of catheterization
Shoshi Steinfeld, Institute administrator
Margaret Kikos, Radiology nurse 


 Institute Information


There are five x-ray rooms in the institute of which two are radiology rooms where all the x-rays are taken using computerized radiology (CR) – a new and sophisticated digital technology; two screening rooms and one mammography room. Additionally, there is a device for panorama x-ray of the teeth. There are also mobile x-ray instruments in various departments. The entire range of x-rays are performed in the x-ray rooms or by the mobile x-ray unit, these are provided to patients hospitalized in the different wards, in the emergency room, intensive care unit or receiving ambulatory treatment.

There is advanced digital equipment in the Institute including the ability to perform angiographies. In the screening rooms, a wide range of tests are performed including gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary tract, reproductive system, central nervous system, nerve root block therapy for back pain and so on, as needed. The mammography room in the Institute is equipped with the most modern device in the world through which tests for early detection of breast cancer are performed. There is also a sophisticated breast biopsy device which helps in avoiding unnecessary breast surgeries.

The CT Unit has recently acquired a sophisticated spiral CT machine, one of the few in the country, with the ability to scan a large section of the body and up to 40 slices in one scan. These capabilities will enable testing that has thus far not been performed at the Medical Center, for example: scans of the heart and arteries, virtual endoscopy and accurate testing of various blood vessels, therefore avoiding catheterization.

The department also has examination rooms equipped with ultrasound: one time sector/linear real scanner device also used for testing newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a Doppler that allows preparing all types of ultrasound testing including invasive tests. An additional ultrasound device in the Urology Department is operated with the help of the radiology team of physicians. In addition, with the use of the x-ray machines, ultrasounds and the CT, invasive procedures and various aspiration techniques can be done for draining fluids and various abscesses as well as for sampling and other diagnostic purposes.


 Useful Information



The Institute is located on the main floor of the Medical Center.


Appointments: ,04-6828869, 04-6828540,04-6828492 04-6828213, 04-6828714
Director: 04-6828659
Office: 077-6828873
Fax: 04-6828873, 04-6828525


The Department operates 24 hours a day, with ambulatory patients received until 14:00.
Ambulatory patients referred for mammograms and CT scans are received until 20:00 by prearranged appointments.


 Academic and Reaserch Activities


There is a data base of scientific information in the Department of particularly instructive and interesting cases that may be accessed by a card index. This is used by the Department physicians and interns from other departments for case presentations and other various uses.

For the last five years, medical interns from other departments at the Medical Center have been integrated into the Radiology Institute. The Institute physicians teach at the School of Nursing that is adjacent to the Medical Center.

Over a year ago a joint project was established between the oncology-gynecology services at the Ziv Medical Center and the Woman's Hospital on Long Island, Providence, USA. Dr. Ilan Atlas, gynecologic oncologist at the Ziv Medical Center is the coordinator of the project. The physicians of the Radiology Institute actively participate in these tele-radiology meetings and present the radiologic side of the case.

  Community Activities

In accordance with the Israel Cancer Association, the Radiology Institute physicians participate in community activities, raising awareness regarding the diagnosis of breast cancer.