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Carmi Kraus, Speech Pathologist
Director of the Institute




Michal Amar, Speech pathologist
Hazar Hammud, Speech pathologist
Rim Ghenaim, Speech pathologist
Ortal Danialov, Audiology technician
Nadin Jeris, Speech pathologist and audiologist

Secretaty: Hofit Filber


 Institute Information


The Hearing Institute screens all newborns for hearing loss immediately after birth in order to diagnose and identify the most minor hearing problems and to follow-up on infants where defects were found, in accordance with test results.

The Institute specializes in diagnosing hearing problems in young children with various developmental dysfunctions who have difficulties in taking routine hearing tests. Children are diagnosed by a staff of two skilled speech pathologists who are experienced in performing these kinds of hearing tests.

The Institute conducts hearing tests for children and adults, to help the otolaryngologist in diagnosing problems and diseases according to the type of hearing loss.

The types of hearing tests conducted at the Institute include:

  • Audiometry hearing tests: A frequency spectrum test where the person can hear every frequency and intensity when the stimulus is a tone. Also tested is the threshold of hearing for speech to determine between conductive hearing impairment and neural hearing loss.
  • Tympanometry testing: An examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum and the conduction bones by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal.
  • Reflex testing: Acoustic reflex is the result of involuntary contraction of the middle ear muscles in response to stimulation at high volumes. The test checks the sound wave reflected from the middle ear and provides information on the integrity of the auditory pathway to the brain stem and middle ear.
  • Neurological diagnostic BERA (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test: An objective test for identifying the stimulating potential of the auditory nerve to the brain stem.
  • BERA testing for infants and adults: An objective test that enables reaching the auditory threshold levels without cooperation of the patient. This is suitable for babies and adults with whom there are cooperation difficulties.


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The clinic is located in the outpatient area on the entrance floor of the main building.


Fax: 04-6828465


Sunday-Thursday 08:00-14:30


 Academic and Research Activities
  • Training is provided for students studying communication disorders in universities and colleges in which this profession is taught.
  • Staff meetings on current issues are held and include reviews of the literature and clinical presentations.