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Yifat Zivony, PhD, Head of Hematology Laboratory and blood bank





Suha Arshid, Senior laboratory staff, Head of blood bank

Elias Sader, Senior laboratory staff, Head of general hematology and microscopy

Rosalia Liori, MSc, Senior laboratory staff, Hoagulation coordinator

Batya Eshel, Laboratory staff, Head of cell classification lab

Hagai Rechnitzer, PhD, Laboratory staff

Hana Moreni, Lab staff member

Adi Ben Ness, Lab staff member

Victoria Brodsky, Lab staff member

Renin Zuabi-Abbad, Lab staff member

Ina Avrutin, Lab staff member

Secretary: Inbal Kaufman


 Laboratory Information


The hematology laboratory is equipped with the best and latest technologies in order to give rapid identification of hematologic and blood clotting diseases. The lab is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a coagulation molecular genetics lab.

The laboratory is divided into several units:

General hematology unit: The unit performs routine tests of blood counts and full differential from venous and capillary blood samples from finger prick, using highly advanced automated blood count devices. The unit is responsible for special tests for clarification of thalassemias (alpha and beta), including characterization tests for pathological hemoglobin (hemoglobin electrophoresis) and for clarification of anemias from genetic metabolic origins. In addition, the unit performs special counts from different body fluids such as CSF.

Cellular microscopy and blood smear and cytochemistry: The unit for cellular microscopy deals with diagnosis of hematological and hematooncological diseases on a highly professional level by microscopy examination of blood smears and cytology stain performed on peripheral blood and bone marrow.

Coagulation unit: Operated by a professional team that performs routine blood coagulation tests and special tests to fully characterize clotting disease and hypercoagulation, congenital and acquired blood disorders and monitoring patients on anticoagulants using advanced automated instruments. The coagulation unit, in cooperation with the Genetics Institute, carries out genetics testing for excessive blood clotting by using advanced technologies and sophisticated equipment.

Unit for flow cytometry: The unit uses innovative and advanced equipment that gives accurate characterization of malignant diseases in the blood and lymphatic systems and for grading their severity.

Unit for capillary blood taking: Patients are referred to the unit from the ambulatory hematology or oncology division for taking blood samples from the finger for blood count. The blood bank provides blood to patients in various departments that require blood transfusions.

The blood bank conducts routine testing to determine blood type and to characterize antibodies against blood groups, special testing for a full analysis of hemolytic autoimmune disorders in children and infants, special tests for identifying antibodies and antigens and titration of antibodies in pregnant woman being monitored. In addition, the blood bank is responsible for supplying blood to the patients and for cross-matching prior to transfusion.


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The laboratories are located in the laboratory area on the ground floor entrance, near the emergency room.


Director: 04-6828661
Office: 04-6828769, פקס: 04-6828851
Hematology lab: 04-6828848
Cell identification: 04-6828151
Blood bank: 04-6828846
Fax: 04-6828847 
Email:  yifat.z@ziv.health.gov.il 

Weekdays: 08:00-16:00
Holiday eves: 08:00-13:00

Reception for taking blood:
Weekdays: 08:00-16:00
Holiday eves: 08:00-11:00

Office: 08:00-11:00

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