Heart rehabilitation

Director of the Heart Institute: Dr. Tatiana Levines

The Institute for Heart Rehabilitation moved to a new location and is now on the -2 floor, in "Beit Ida – Child Health Center". The Institute operates a multi-professional service for patients following a heart event and / or intervention to prevent an event / deterioration of heart functioning (bypass surgery, valve replacement, pacemaker implantation, etc.). The service combines physical activity with medical supervision, monitoring and stabilization of medications, nutritional counseling and individual instruction, in order to restore patients to full functioning in the community, while balancing risk factors, restoring self-confidence, and providing long-term lifestyle changes to prevent the progression of their disease.

The Institute operates with supervision of the Cardiology Department, which includes a multi-disciplinary team that operates a clinic and various rehabilitation programs, according to the patients' data, and clinical guidelines of the Israel Cardiology Association and the Ministry of Health. The team includes a senior cardiologist, a physician and a physiologist specializing in the rehabilitation of heart patients, two nurses certified in cardiac intensive care, experienced physiotherapists, a fitness trainer, a nutritionist and a social worker.

A potential patient is invited to the rehabilitation clinic for a meeting with the cardiologist, the rehabilitation nurse and the physiologist. In this meeting, he/she undergoes examinations and multi-disciplinary planning for his / her suitability to the program and the associated risk, evaluation of the patient's medication and their response to the medication, assessment of the patient's psycho-social support, the required level of monitoring, and a customized training program. Later, a patient will be assigned to a work-out group and will be required to attend regularly for an hour twice a week, during the days and hours set for the group and for nutritional counseling.

The rehabilitation program operates on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 8: 00-16: 00.
Secretariat of the Institute 04-6828422; Secretariat of the Heart Institute 04-6828844 /16