Syrian Baby Born at Ziv


The humanitarian assistance to the casualties of the civil war in Syria has gone up a level. On the morning  of Nov. 3rd, a 20 year-old Syrian woman gave birth at the Ziv Medical Center, having been brought to the hospital by the IDF during the night, already in an advanced stage of labor. This is the first time a Syrian woman in labor has been transferred to an Israeli hospital. To date only casualties of the civil war in Syria have been treated in Israel.

The new mother, aged twenty, gave birth to her first child, a healthy boy weighing 3.200kg. The mother told Ziv's medical staff that in the area of Kunetra where she lives, her village is under curfew and there is no access to the local hospital. "There is no mid-wife in the village and there was no one who could assist me. I am a nurse by profession and I know that Syrian casualties have been treated in Israel.
When I felt the oncoming of labor, I requested to be brought to the border with the hope that the Israeli army would enable me to get medical assistance. Luckily, the Israeli patrol saw that I was suffering from extreme pain, picked me up and transferred me to a hospital in Israel. I was very fearful of arriving in Israel, but I was more concerned for my baby in the event that there would be complications giving birth at home. The Israeli doctors and midwifes treated me with dignity and sensitivity and the birth was completed successfully. I really don't feel like I'm in an enemy country, everyone is helpful and taking care of me", said the Syrian mother.

The Syrian mother also noted that in the region around her home there is a food shortage: "For a long time now we have lived mainly on rice because of the closure. This is the first time in so long that I am eating meat and vegetables. I feel good and am very relieved, I am eating and getting stronger and even my cute little baby is receiving great treatment. I thank everyone for the dedicated treatment, concern and understanding".

Mira Eli, the nurse in charge of the delivery room at the Ziv Medical Center said that the birth was normal, without problems and passed peacefully. "The Syrian woman arrived at the hospital with her water already broken and in active labor. She received a warm embracing treatment from the entire obstetric team, as any woman in labor needs and even more. We gave her a shower, fed her, encouraged her and instructed her throughout the birth process. This is the young woman's first birth, and her situation is very unique. She arrived without her husband or any other support and established a special relationship with her midwives who acted as her supporting family during the birth. She held their hands, listened to them and just trusted them. At the end of the birth she thanked and hugged everyone with joy" Eli said.

Eli also added that the delivery room staff gives each and every woman in labor dedicated treatment regardless of their origin, religion or affiliation, as with the Syrian mother. "Our job is to make sure all births end peacefully and be remembered by the birthing mother as an unforgettable experience. I am sure that in this case the mother will never forget her first birth and she and her child will have a story that will stay them throughout their lives, that is, if they can tell it…" said Eli.