Head of EU Delegation at Ziv


Ambassador-designate Lars Faaborg-Andersen, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel, his wife Jean, and Press and Information Manager David Kriss, visited the Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, in order to see first-hand the medical treatment offered at Ziv to Syrian casualties, wounded in the civil war raging in Syria.

Following their visit to a number of Departments in the Ziv Medical Center, the Ambassador and his wife said that they were impressed by the dedicated professional treatment the casualties were receiving. They were especially shocked by a Syrian infant aged three and a half, who was transferred from the pediatric Intensive Care where he spent one week in a critical condition after sustaining multi-system wounds, caused by the explosion of a bomb.

The Ambassador thanked Dr. Oscar Embon, Director of Ziv, for the excellent treatment the hospital provides for the wounded Syrians. "I am deeply impressed by the devotion of the medical team who spare no effort in providing the many casualties, some of whom are children, with the most advanced medical care available. This commitment to the welfare of other human beings, despite them being citizens of an enemy country should be a source of pride to all Israelis. We are all shocked by the severity of the fighting in Syria. The European Union is also taking part in the effort to contend with the terrible humanitarian consequences of the crisis. Two weeks ago, the European Union designated 85 million Euro for the benefit of the Syrian refugees, bringing their total humanitarian assistance to approximately 400 million Euro. About half of this sum is designated for use within Syria with the aim of helping civilian organizations to provide basic services. The other half is used to assist Jordan to cope with the 500,000 Syrian refugees currently in Jordan".

To date, 177 Syrian casualties have been treated at the Ziv Medical Center. The Ziv Medical Center has opened a bank account for donations towards equipping an additional operating theater. For more details please view: www.Ziv.org.il