Urogynecologic Conference is Crowned a Success

Leading physicians in the field of Pelvic Floor and Laparoscopic Surgery participated in the 4th Urogynecologic Conference held at the Ziv Medical Center with the participation of Prof. Peter Von-Theobald, an internationally renowned specialist for pelvic organ prolapse surgery and one of the pioneers of laparoscopic operations (minimal invasive operations) and uterine repair using surgical mesh.

During the conference which was initiated by Dr. Naama Marcus-Braun, head of Ziv's Urogynecological services and under the auspices of the Israel Urogynecological Society, the participants viewed a number of complex laparoscopic operations led by Prof. Von-Theobald, screened directly from the operating theater. A new system developed in Israel for conducting laparoscopy using surgical mesh and special fixation in cases of pelvic organ prolapse was demonstrated during the course of the operations.

"The physicians who came to the conference were keen to learn from Prof. Von-Theobold's vast experience using the unique technique for laparoscopic pelvic organ operations" said Dr. Marcus-Braun. They watched the operations, raised professional questions and held a fruitful discussion regarding the effectiveness of the different methods of surgery. Currently, many specialists prefer to use the laparoscopic method for prolapse repair, as the vaginal method has greater potential for complications but the method requires great expertise," Dr. Marcus-Braun noted.
Dr. Marcus added that despite the fact that many women suffer from urogynecologic problems such as urinary incontinence and uterine prolpase and although today treatment is readily available, many women are reserved about discussing these matters with their gynecologist and therefore these problems remain under-treated in Israel and throughout the world.

Dr. Marcus offers patients an opportunity to improve their quality of life by receiving treatment for problems which are not easy to share and therefore too often ignored. "In the Urogynecological Unit at Ziv we treat symptoms of urinary incontinence in our out-patient clinic using local anesthesia. This enables women who do not want to expose their problems to their families to undergo surgery in a very discreet manner."