Tablets for Hospitalized Children


The Kaminer family, Sarah and her three children, Dror, accompanied by wife Hani, Ronit and Galya visited the Pediatrics Department in Ziv, bringing with them a very welcome donation of 14 tablets to be used by the children hospitalized at our hospital.

Nahum Kaminer (z"l) was an avid collector of prestigious European cars. His favorite car, a sixties model of the Jaguar MK2 was a labor of love which he built from parts taken from three different old models which he had in his possession. Twenty years after Nahum passed away, the family decided to sell this car, by now found in a dilapidated condition and donate its proceedings to three hospitals, all of them geographically distant from the center of the country. Dror Kaminer explained this decision "donors usually go straight for the well known hospitals, these are usually located in the central area of Israel. Our family decided that our donation would be more meaningful to children in peripheral hospitals".
The visitors met with Prof. Anthony Luder, Head of the Pediatrics Department, and staff members - Ms. Riki Sofer, Head Nurse, Mr. Avidan Landau, senior nurse and Ms. Miri Cohen as well as representatives from the hospital's Society of Friends and International Relations.

In addition to providing learning and entertainment for the hospitalized children, the tablets also have a medical function, of providing information on different levels for different age groups. Prof. Luder thanked the Kaminers: "We are delighted to receive this donation which constitutes a great example of our close links to the community, and the growing awareness that philanthropy does not always have to be directed toward the more affluent center of the country". Prof. Luder is all for the use of tablets in the department: "Today’s child is computer literate at an early age. By providing information and interactive experiences, the proper use of digital media can make the child’s stay in hospital less mysterious and more relaxing. I am sure the tablets will help children to pass the time more usefully and educationally".

Dr. Dana Krupnik, Head of the Pediatric Emergency Room, met the visitors in Ziv's ER and described the importance of using tablets in the ER: "While the physician is performing a painful procedure on the child (such as taking blood) or a procedure that may cause anxiety (stitching a wound), we use the tablet as a means of providing more information to the children about the procedure or as a means of distraction for young children. We are able to match the program on the tablet to the age and interest of the child. Young children can watch an animated film while older children can look up information about the procedure or play computer games and perform tasks which engross them".

Many thanks to the Kaminer family for thinking about the children hospitalized at the Ziv Medical Center.