Inaugurating Beit Ida Child Health Center


The Ministry of Health, together with a generous donation from the Legacy Heritage Fund initiated the construction of the Beit Ida Child Health Center which will enable Ziv to substantially increase its existing services, allowing for an integrated and comprehensive approach to child care, catering to the growing population of the region.

Ziv's close proximity to both the Lebanese and the Syrian borders requires the hospital to be prepared for all manner of emergency scenarios, at all times. The newly constructed building includes a unique dual purpose reinforced space acting as an auditorium, with a capacity for seating 250 people on retractable seating , equipped with a full medical infrastructure which can provide an immediate option of conversion into an in-patient reinforced emergency area for one hundred beds .

(l to r): Minister of Health, MK Yakov Litzman, Mr. Geoff Turetsky, Representative of Legacy Heritage Fund in Israel, Mr. Mayor of Zefat, Mr. Ilan Shohat , Dr. Salman Zarka, General Director, Ziv Medical Center and Prof. Anthony Luder, Head, Pediatric Department.