Syrian Girl Goes Home

F, a seven-year old Syrian girl, who was mortally wounded by a shell which dismembered her abdomen and caused severe injury to her arm, last November, was finally released following three months of intensive treatment.

Drs. in Syria advised the child's mother that if her daughter was to survive she would need to take her to Israel for treatment. Almost three months later, following numerous operations and procedures, F was finally well enough to make the trip back home to Syria. The staff and patients in Ziv's Beit Ida Child Health Center celebrated her recovery and wished mom and daughter a safe trip home.

F's mother said that at first she was afraid to make the journey across the border to Israel, but her fear for the life of her only child motivated her to overcome her concerns. As their stay at Ziv drew to a close, she expressed her gratitude and said how happy she was that she had made the right decision.


Dr. Lili Lunsky-Hayari, head of pediatric surgery at Ziv said that upon arrival the child's abdomen was open and she suffered from internal damage. In addition her elbow was also broken. "A few hours after she arrived we performed the first operation, but we were unable to close her stomach." Said Dr. Lunsky-Hayari. "We invited Dr. Morris Topaz from the Hillel Yafeh Hospital in Hadera who has developed a new method for this procedure. With Dr. Topaz assisting in numerous operations,  the mission was accomplished and the child began to recuperate" said the doctor. "The fact that the child is Syrian was irrelevant to us. The only thing I had in mind while treating her was that she was gravely injured, and the only child of a very distressed mother". The doctors, realizing that there were no rehabilitation facilities available to the child in Syria, kept her in the hospital for almost three months until she was sufficiently well to make the trip home and return to the village from which they came.
Since February 2013, Ziv has treated over 800 Syrian patients, casualties of the civil war in Syria.