"Joy should be created, because troubles come on their own"

Mrs. Yehudit Inbar, who was a prominent in raising funds for the benefit of Syrian casualties treated at Ziv, celebrated her 70th birthday, requesting her guests to donate to Ziv rather than to buy her gifts.

Yehudit established and managed the Department of Museums in the Ministry of Education and Culture and was director of Yad Vashem's Museums Department.
She was a well-known curator, active both in Israel and internationally.

Yehudit, a grand-daughter of Holocaust survivors, says: "My belief in contributing to the community and showing empathy to 'the other' results both from my family heritage and from my involvement in the Holocaust Museum. The writer Aharon Appelfeld, who was a child in the Holocaust, wrote that in order to be saved, or to survive even for a day, someone always had to give you a hand. This is true also today, when there are so many people we can reach out to and give a helping hand; for me it is a great privilege to do so. My motto in life - 'Joy should be created because troubles come on their own' leads me to prefer to donate to a significant cause rather than to receive for myself".

The guests at Yehudit's party included many from the museums in Israel, Holocaust survivors, friends from Tzivon in the Upper Galilee where Yehudit and her husband now live, as well as friends from all over the country and of course her family members; they donated generously towards the establishment of an art studio for adolescents in the Child and Adolescent Department for Mental Health at the Ziv Medical Center.