Guests from Ludwigsburg

During March, the 5th delegation of medical professionals visited Ziv as part of the exchange program between Ludwigsburg District in Germany and the Upper Galilee Regional Council.

The aim of this project is to form mutual partnerships in a wide variety of fields including medicine, culture, education, art, sports, music and industry.
Dr. Antonella Scheda, Gynecology Department and Dr. Jan-Lukas Braumschmidt, Anesthesiology Department represented the Ludwigsburg Hospital.

In 2014, a partnership agreement was signed between the four big hospitals in Ludwigsburg and Ziv Medical Center, boasting five medical exchange delegations to- date.
Individual programs are created for each and every delegate, based on their field of expertise. The delegates spend 10 days in the relevant departments, learning from their colleagues and offering insights they bring from their own hospitals.

Dr. Antonella Scheda joined the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, headed by Dr. Inbar Ben Shachar where she was warmly received by the department's physicians and nurses, shadowing all their activities. Dr. Scheda stated that she felt like she had "travelled in time" visiting the future in terms of medical practices at Ziv. Dr. Jan-Lukas Braumschmidt was the guest of the Anesthesiology Department headed by Dr. Alexander Izakson, where he observed medical procedures in the operating theaters, receiving impressive and useful medical information from the staff in different departments and clinics. Both doctors remarked on the excellent team work and the dedicated treatment they witnessed in the departments they visited saying that this was the secret of the successful treatment offered to the patients.

The feedback received over the years from the delegations from both countries indicates the success of this project on both the formal and informal levels, with outstanding social connections being formed between the delegates and their colleagues.
The social visits to private homes has proved to be a highlight for the delegate, providing the participants with a significant experience, a better cultural understanding and an appreciation of the other's work practices and ethics.
The delegates from Ludwigsburg were especially impressed with the excellent relationships between the Jewish, Moslem, Christian and Druze staff at Ziv, finding this aspect of the hospital unexpected and almost miraculous.

Ziv's delegation consisting of Mr. Mohamad Musa, head nurse in the Department of Adult Psychiatry and Mr. Asaf Simhon, Chief Engineer are currently in Ludwigsburg and have already sent positive feedback regarding their visit.