Advanced Knee Surgery

For the first time at Ziv Medical Center, replacement surgery of the external section of the knee has been performed

For the first time at Ziv Medical Center, replacement surgery of the external section of the knee has been performed. The procedure was done by Dr. David Rotem, Head of Ziv's Joint Replacement Unit, Prof. Shmuel Dekel, former Director of the Orthopedic Department at Ichilov Medical Center, with the participation of Dr. Hussein Shehada, Deputy Head of Ziv's Orthopedic Department.

When a knee replacement is required, the entire knee can be replaced or only one of the three sections of the knee When it comes to partial replacement of the knee, the surgeons refer to either the inner or external section of the knee. The most common operation of the knee is a partial replacement of the inner section of the knee, but in this specific case, a 46-year-old woman who suffered from an external knee injury was operated on; a first for Ziv Medical Center.

Dr. David Rotem stated that "Before deciding that the patient was suitable for this specific surgery, we performed an MRI to make sure that the anterior cruciate ligament was healthy and that there was no significant injury to the inner section of the knee. In order to perform a partial replacement of the knee, weight has to be diverted to the side that is not being replaced. If the inner side is diseased or has an abrasion or injury of the meniscus, the pain will actually be aggravated on the exterior side, and then the surgery will not be successful and a full knee replacement will most likely be needed".

Since it is rare for young patients to suffer an injury to the external side of the knee without injury or trauma to the inner side, such patients are rarely encountered. This surgery requires an extremely fine technique because every small mistake can complicate the procedure and cause failure. The surgeon must be skilled and have experience that will reduce the chance of complications during surgery.

Dr. Rotem said that he had contacted Prof. Shmuel Dekel, former director of Ichilov's Orthopedic Department and currently working in Assuta Hospital, as " he is the most experienced physician in Israel in partial knee replacements and certainly of the external knee. He has many years of experience, and studied at Oxford University Hospital in which this surgical technique was developed".

Dr. Rotem continued, "I think that most patients today who need joint replacement and who live in northern Israel undergo surgery at Ziv Medical Center, and this should not be taken for granted. This is now common practice thanks to the excellent team of doctors in the Orthopedic Department, and also thanks to the hospital's management which has encouraged such surgery in Ziv. This has served to raise the Department's as well as the hospital's reputation amongst the resident of the Northern Israel. We are able to address initial and recurring replacements, and perform complex joint replacement surgery. We have also seen an increase in the number of patients from central and southern regions of the country who come to Ziv to undergo surgery because of the Department's repute and the service they receive here".

Prof. Dekel stated that "In the past, patients as far north as Metula travelled to see me. Today I immediately tell patients from the north that there is no need to travel all the way to the center to see me because Ziv Medical Center has a high-quality Orthopedic Department that has the most updated knowledge and equipment and compares to other hospitals in Israel. I visit a lot of departments in the center, and can honestly say that the Orthopedic Department in Ziv has the finest equipment. It is a pleasure to see that Safed, a city in which security is so important, has a high standard Orthopedic Department. Ziv's location is critical, because when there is an emergency - 70% of the injuries are orthopedic. I am most impressed with this amazing department, . Dr. David Rotem is a gifted surgeon, using refined and precise techniques. It Is a pleasure to watch him work."