Identifying an Obesity Gene

New groundbreaking research findings published by Dr. Adel Shalata, Head of the Genetic Institute at the Ziv Medical Center, identified one of the genes responsible for obesity.

Juvenile Diabetes Conference at Ziv

Three hundred and fifty participants attended the Ziv Medical Center's 18th Annual Juvenile Diabetes Conference.

Ministers Visit Ziv

Ziv Medical Center welcomes Ministers' decision to finance the purchase of an MRI and a Linear Accelerator

Innovative Minimal Invasive Surgery

First time in Ziv Medical Center: Removal of rectal tumor without incision

Head of EU Delegation at Ziv

Ambassador-designate Lars Faaborg-Andersen, Head of the EU Delegation to Israel lauds Ziv's medical staff for their treatment of Syrian casualties.

Syrian Baby Born at Ziv

A young Syrian woman in labor was brought to Ziv by the IDF.

Emergency Pediatric Surgery

Three emergency operations were recently performed at Ziv on newborns suffering from congenital anomalies.

Current Developments in Obstetrics

Ziv Medical Center's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology hosted an International Conference: "Current Developments in Obstetrics" on October 3rd.

The Omnipod System

Patients at Ziv's Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes were chosen to be the first in Israel to connect with the Eros Omnipod System.

Brazilian Orthopedic Conference

Dr. Alexander Lerner was invited as a guest speaker to the 12th Brazilian Conference on Bone Reconstruction and Elongation.

Syrian Girl Walks Again

An eight year old Syrian girl whose leg was shattered by artillery shell walked today after two months of complex operations.

The 100th wounded Syrian

The 100th Syrian patient was hospitalized in Ziv, 7 months to the day since the arrival of the first Syrian casualty.

Syrian Amputee Leaves Ziv

A fifteen year old Syrian girl, brought to Ziv in critical condition, was recently released following six weeks of hospitalization.

Australian Ambassador Visits Ziv

Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma is the first foreign diplomat to Syrian Casualties hospitalized in the Ziv Medical Center.

Cooperation between Ziv and Rambam

Ophthalmologists from the Ziv and Rambam Medical Centers participated in a joint conference focusing on glaucoma